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Berliner Mitte Hohenschönhausen Weißensee Prenzlauer Berg Mitte Pankow Tiergarten Wedding Charlottenburg Reinickendorf Spandau Zehlendorf Wilmersdorf Steglitz Schöneberg Tempelhof Neukölln Kreuzberg Friedrichshain Treptow Hellersdorf Lichtenberg Marzahn Köpenick

Most recent opinions for our apartments

apartment Berlin Mitte - Leipziger Strasse
We liked both - however here are few suggestions 1. Need TV with channels in English 2. Instruction garbadge disposal included needs in English 3. It would be nice to have some basics in the kitchen- sugar - salt - some cooking oil - etc.
(4 Personen, 3 Nächte, Bezirk Mitte)
Go to apartment no. 1377

apartment Berlin Mitte - Bandelstraße
The apartment is located very conveniently - and is spacious enough for a big family.
(9 Personen, 3 Nächte, Bezirk Mitte)
Go to apartment no. 2556

apartment Berlin Friedrichshain - Lenbachstrasse
Very friendly and helpful hosts. When we arrived - the airline had lost our 3 suitcases and the hosts immediately went on their computer and successfully got them delivered to us. Apartment large with a huge tree outside front windows - beautiful in summer and fall.
(2 Personen, 14 Nächte, Bezirk Friedrichshain)
Go to apartment no. 1478

apartment Berlin Zehlendorf - Prinz-Handjery Straße
leuk verblijf gehad en ga zeker nog een keer terug.
(5 Personen, 3 Nächte, Bezirk Zehlendorf)
Go to apartment no. 2732

apartment Berlin Schöneberg - Landshuter Straße
A pleasant place - the person in charge was nice and freindly.
(1 Personen, 3 Nächte, Bezirk Schöneberg)
Go to apartment no. 873

apartment Berlin Prenzlauer Berg - Otto-Braun-Straße
It was a lovely apartment after we cleaned it it took us a day because the fridge was filthy - the kitchen cabinets and appliances grimy etc. . The owner should invest in a professional cleaner. Otherwise - the apartment is big - quiet - great location.
(2 Personen, 30 Nächte, Bezirk Prenzlauer Berg)
Go to apartment no. 1004

apartment Berlin Mitte - Rochstrasse
Everything was o.k. - only it was not WIFI in apartment
(4 Personen, 4 Nächte, Bezirk Mitte)
Go to apartment no. 1350

apartment Berlin Zehlendorf - Stoerstrasse
The owner was very friendly and he helped us a lot how to get aruond in Berlin. The parking place was crucial for us and it was possible. What was uncomfortable our teenagers had to share one bed.
(5 Personen, 6 Nächte, Bezirk Zehlendorf)
Go to apartment no. 589

apartment Berlin Kreuzberg - Yorckstr.
Had a great stay Thorsten was a wonderful help in getting us situated in his lovely space. Thanks again
(2 Personen, 6 Nächte, Bezirk Kreuzberg)
Go to apartment no. 2092

apartment Berlin Prenzlauer Berg - Driesener Strasse
Nice apartment. Everything worked just as promised. Friendly service.
(3 Personen, 7 Nächte, Bezirk Prenzlauer Berg)
Go to apartment no. 3418

apartment Berlin Tempelhof - Bosestraße
Freundlich - komfortabel - makellos! Ich will zurück in die Zukunft zu gehen.
(6 Personen, 5 Nächte, Bezirk Tempelhof)
Go to apartment no. 4415

apartment Berlin Prenzlauer Berg - Oderbergerstraße
Beautiful and quiet apartment - could rent this one again for sure! Friendly and very helpful landlady. We enjoyed our stay and there is only one minus. The building has no lift and the apartment is on 5th floor. Otherwise we are extremely satisfied as there was great service - cozy atmosphere and amazing neighbourho...
(2 Personen, 17 Nächte, Bezirk Prenzlauer Berg)
Go to apartment no. 4256

apartment Berlin Charlottenburg - Sophie-Charlotten-Straße
we were very satisfied. everything was very good
(2 Personen, 5 Nächte, Bezirk Charlottenburg)
Go to apartment no. 3940

apartment Berlin Mitte - Wolgaster Strasse
Very good appartment - clean. Not very cozy but price is good for what you get! Traffic links and supermarket near the appartment.
(5 Personen, 5 Nächte, Bezirk Mitte)
Go to apartment no. 1371

apartment Berlin Schöneberg - Münchener Strasse
The apartment was extremely comfortable - and very conveniently located. Herr Sieling was a gracious host. I have only positive things to say about my weeklong stay.
(2 Personen, 7 Nächte, Bezirk Schöneberg)
Go to apartment no. 450

apartment Berlin Mitte - Flemingstraße
Everything was done just right - because Michael the owner is a man who loves doing things just right. He even got us two extra bicycles and believe me - a bicycle is the perfect means to discover Berlin!
(4 Personen, 4 Nächte, Bezirk Mitte)
Go to apartment no. 1800

apartment Berlin Mitte - Veteranenstrasse
The shower was placed strangely - and the apartment was very hot. We could not open window at night as the park below was noisy. But the apartment was nice and clean - the house was quiet - the view from balcony beautiful and the situation was good. The facilities were also quite ok.
(2 Personen, 6 Nächte, Bezirk Mitte)
Go to apartment no. 1280

apartment Berlin Schöneberg - Karl-Schrader-Str.
We loved staying at the apartment. The neighborhood is fantastic - the apartment is cozy and has everything one needs for a short stay. Very clean and with nice little touches that makes one feel right at home. I highly recommend this apartment.
(4 Personen, 45 Nächte, Bezirk Schöneberg)
Go to apartment no. 854