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Most recent opinions for our apartments

apartment Berlin Schöneberg - Habsburger Staße
A friendly and perfect host with an apartment that has everything you need and a great location - Best wishes from Conny in Oslo
(2 Personen, 6 Nächte, Bezirk Schöneberg)
Go to apartment no. 4082

apartment Berlin Steglitz - Marthastr.
Everything was perfect - the owners are very friendly and helpful - rooms were clean.
(1 Personen, 27 Nächte, Bezirk Steglitz)
Go to apartment no. 1031

apartment Berlin NICHT MEHR VERMIETET - Kastanienallee
The apartment was comfortable and very silent which was great. Kastanienallee is a beautiful street with many restaurants so the location is really good. Service was great. Only one difficulty with the apartment no elevator. We could rent this place again anyway!
(2 Personen, 3 Nächte, Bezirk NICHT MEHR VERMIETET)
Go to apartment no. 3200

apartment Berlin Mitte - Lynarstr.
Service was good. The apartment was very clean - very well presented and in a very good location with easy access to S-Bahn. Service to hire bikes was great - best way to see Berlin is on bikes. Overall we had a great holiday in a great apartment - defiantly would be using it again.
(4 Personen, 4 Nächte, Bezirk Mitte)
Go to apartment no. 3828

apartment Berlin Tempelhof - Bosestraße
Very quiet - nice and pleasant place. We were very satisfied with location - owener is very friendly. Apartment is supper for small group like we were 3adults 2 children . Very close to the metro subway - just 10 minutes walk. For us there was only one minus - did not have access to WiFi at all.
(5 Personen, 4 Nächte, Bezirk Tempelhof)
Go to apartment no. 4415

apartment Berlin Kreuzberg - Fidicinstraße
Fidicin Str. is a nice and quiet street in a very cosy part of Kreutzberg. The apartment was in the backhouse of a beautiful old building with a green yard - all quiet and nice. It was small but neat and nice. Everything was in order and wellfunctioning. Our host was very friendly and helpful. Not anything luxurous ...
(4 Personen, 4 Nächte, Bezirk Kreuzberg)
Go to apartment no. 419

apartment Berlin Mitte - Holzmarktstr.
Quiet comfortable apartment in an excellent location - close to the railway and tube stations - and supermarkets. Kitchen was not that well equipped - no cookware for the microwave - only one baking tray. There was no fixing for the shower head you had to hold it in one hand while trying to shower which was not easy...
(2 Personen, 7 Nächte, Bezirk Mitte)
Go to apartment no. 2072

apartment Berlin Prenzlauer Berg - Schönhauser Allee
Great apartement - very friendly host
(6 Personen, 3 Nächte, Bezirk Prenzlauer Berg)
Go to apartment no. 33

apartment Berlin Mitte - Dunckerstraße
good welcome - very nice apartement not far from subway bike rentals restaurants and shops trendy area
(9 Personen, 3 Nächte, Bezirk Mitte)
Go to apartment no. 3834

apartment Berlin Mitte - Leipziger Straße
Handover was fine but none of the staff spoke English - fortunately I speak German. This was a more basic apartment compaired to others I have rented. There was no microwave.
(4 Personen, 5 Nächte, Bezirk Mitte)
Go to apartment no. 1564

apartment Berlin Friedrichshain - Finowstrasse (Friedrichshain)
Very nice apartment with a lot of space in our favorite kiez in Berlin. We stayed 4 persons and are looking forward to come back.
(4 Personen, 3 Nächte, Bezirk Friedrichshain)
Go to apartment no. 1877

apartment Berlin Marzahn - Weizenweg
It was great - we slept very well in this accomodation. The price was available for us and the owners of the house were friendly. So - thank you so much for the accomodation! -
(3 Personen, 5 Nächte, Bezirk Marzahn)
Go to apartment no. 3203

apartment Berlin Kreuzberg - Fidicinstraße
We really enjoyed the location of this apartment. Close to restaurants - shops and the U-bahn. Our biggest disappointment was how the apartment smelled strongly of cigarette smoke! Very unpleasant. We also didn t like the material on the duvet covers used on the bed. We prefer cotton. The owner was very helpful k...
(2 Personen, 5 Nächte, Bezirk Kreuzberg)
Go to apartment no. 684

apartment Berlin Kreuzberg - Tempelhofer Ufer
It is a good appartment. The only problem is that we booked the one at 1st floor and got the one at 3rd floor.
(4 Personen, 3 Nächte, Bezirk Kreuzberg)
Go to apartment no. 2790

apartment Berlin Wilmersdorf - Kelheimerstrasse
Owner is very friendly and accommodating. Area is fantastic - thank you
(1 Personen, 5 Nächte, Bezirk Wilmersdorf)
Go to apartment no. 1397

apartment Berlin Mitte - Kiautschoustrasse
The apartment is very charming and nicely decorated. The apartment in Striggow is situated in a very beautiful hilly and green landscape. There are lots of cities to visit - there are plenty opportunities for nice walks or cycling tours. In one word a wonderful location for a very diverse holiday!
(2 Personen, 4 Nächte, Bezirk Mitte)
Go to apartment no. 4055

apartment Berlin Neukölln - Weserstraße
A nice apartment - clean - very well provided - luminous - with a nice view from every window - really comfortable and cozy. No remarkable problems. It just would have been better for us to pay the complete amount with a credit card.
(2 Personen, 9 Nächte, Bezirk Neukölln)
Go to apartment no. 360

apartment Berlin Charlottenburg - Leibnizstr.
Good area - near subway station.Clean apartment - - silence ok - good bed and bathroom
(2 Personen, 2 Nächte, Bezirk Charlottenburg)
Go to apartment no. 4318

apartment Berlin Prenzlauer Berg - Prenzlauer Berg
Nice apartment - nice view - excellent location. The only thing we missed was wifi.
(2 Personen, 4 Nächte, Bezirk Prenzlauer Berg)
Go to apartment no. 324

apartment Berlin Mitte - Neue Promenade
Nice place - in perfect condition and location. Very good service by owner manager.
(1 Personen, 4 Nächte, Bezirk Mitte)
Go to apartment no. 2730

apartment Berlin Mitte - Inselstr.
We had an awesome time at the flat we stayed in. However - ever since I emailed with you guys - I would get spam email from a German email address that was pretending to use my email address to send to many email addresses. I believe one of your email addresses were compromised or your database was compromised.
(4 Personen, 4 Nächte, Bezirk Mitte)
Go to apartment no. 4392

apartment Berlin Friedrichshain - Boxhagener Str.
Excellent service - very nice appartment
(3 Personen, 8 Nächte, Bezirk Friedrichshain)
Go to apartment no. 579

apartment Berlin Mitte - Waldstraße
Apartment correspond to the description. Very pleasant environment. We are absolutely satisfied of this apartment.
(5 Personen, 3 Nächte, Bezirk Mitte)
Go to apartment no. 2633

apartment Berlin Charlottenburg - Fredericiastraße
Perfect location and host was very flexible with arrival and departure times.
(4 Personen, 2 Nächte, Bezirk Charlottenburg)
Go to apartment no. 3046